The Untrodden Ways

by Devon Pearse

Some people hide from life, while others run toward it. That’s one lesson frustrated, would-be writer Finn had learned from his adventurous friend Davy. But when Davy’s final exploit suddenly robs him of his life, Finn takes it upon himself to relay the sad news to Davy’s grandmother Lucy, a reclusive, strong-willed woman who lives alone in a cabin deep within the woods.

Upon meeting Lucy, Finn gets more than he bargained for as he is drawn in by the older woman’s fiery spirit, so similar to Davy’s. He soon becomes enraptured in the tales of her youth and obsessed with unearthing an underlying thread he believes is tied to an unknown truth and a secret Lucy and her sister Eve never planned on revealing.

Forsaking every part of his life that once gave him security, Finn sets out on an adventure of his own, following the winding road of Lucy’s stories and the short life of a friend he thought he knew; a life of escalating mysteries and familial secrets perhaps better left untold.

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