About Neverland Publishing

"Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it." J. M. Barrie

Neverland Publishing was founded as an outlet for creative and talented writers devoted to their craft, but still waiting to be discovered. In a world once ruled by larger publishing companies, the tide is shifting towards smaller, independent publishers. Self-publishing continues to thrive, but we believe that no truly gifted author should pay to see their work in print. Trends within the publishing world are changing, and the time to surge ahead has come.

Relatively new concepts such as print on demand, as well as the arrival of technological advances like the Kindle and the iPhone, have caused a shift in the methods used to distribute books globally, both now and in the future. These changes to the large publishing companies have forced them to reduce their overhead by decreasing not only their editorial staff, but also their author advances and royalty percentages. This, in turn, has made it more difficult for first time authors to publish via the traditional path, but has opened the door for us. We have chosen to take this opportunity and dedicate our efforts to finding and embracing unknown but talented authors who may have been rejected, or simply overlooked, by agents or larger publishers.

We believe that the written word, and the writing thereof, should not be taken lightly. If each work is not fueled by the passion of the writer, if pride is not taken in the very act of the telling of each story, be it romantic, humorous, fantastical, mysterious, or even pointless, then where's the beauty of the struggle for creation?

Our goal is to publish the works of the best unknown authors the world of literature has to offer, authors who write not only with their pens, but with their souls. Anyone can string some words together and put them on a page, then combine those pages and call it a book. That doesn't make it worth reading. But every true and diligent writer should have a chance to share their work with the world. We take pride in their work and in our company as we strive to present exceptional books to voracious readers everywhere.