Night Ghost

by Nick C. Brady

Every day they see the cemetery standing alone on the block. Thirteen-year-old Suellen Blanchard, her two friends Sabrina "Slim" Morrison and Brandon Dowell, and her twelve-year-old brother Andre never really thought much of it. Until Suellen notices the shadow of someone walking around inside the decrepit funeral home building.

When the friends are later told a brief history of the funeral home and an ominous ghost story that has spread throughout their town over many years, they decide to delve deeper into the town's urban legend by entering the graveyard the following night.

But once they leave the cemetery, the real terror begins. A mysterious knock on the door after they return home that night. An intruder breaking in. And a strange vehicle trailing one of them home after school. What could possibly be behind these odd occurrences? Is it a curse for not allowing the dead to rest in peace...or is it something more?

They've trespassed upon more than just the lonely graves of the dead. And other secrets dwell within an old, abandoned graveyard.

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ISBN: 9780996559546