Longfield's Longshot

by A.M. Edwards

Seventeen-year-old Alex Longfield is on the verge of fulfilling his life-long dream of being a professional baseball player, but he must hide his achievements and accolades from the one person whose praise and encouragement he desires the most: his father. Dead set against his son making a career of baseball, he insists that Alex continue his education at Cornell University.

Faced with a home life of perpetual study and intimidation, Alex decides to take matters into his own hands and pursue his dream. He secretly travels away from Ithaca for the first time via bus to New Jersey. Despite failing to impress the Jackals coaches at his trial with his batting, they spot his potential as a pitcher and offer him another chance.

But when a family secret is revealed and his father finds out what Alex has been doing, will the eve of Alex’s greatest victory also be the eve of his greatest defeat? Can he avoid paying the price for his deception long enough to make his longshot pay off and win a starting spot with a professional baseball team?

As Alex fights for the chance to achieve his dreams; it is truly a longshot for Longfield.

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