Gloria Nixon-John

Gloria Nixon-John

Gloria Nixon-John earned an M.A. in Communications from Wayne State University in Detroit and her Ph.D. at Michigan State University. Gloria is a Red Cedar Writing Project Teacher Consultant. She has published essays, poems, short fiction and pedagogical articles and chapters for teachers, and chapters in a variety of texts for children and young adults. Among her credits is a chapter in Writers in the Classroom (ed. Ruth Nathan), and The Women of Country Music (ed. Charles Wolfe and James Akenson), an excerpt from her memoir entitled Learning From Lady Chatterley appears in Turns (ed CoCo Harris). Gloria has worked with InsideOut, Literary Arts Project in Detroit and has served The Theodore Roethke House as a grant writer and oral historian. She has also worked as oral historian for the Marshal Fredricks Sculpture Museum in Saginaw Michigan. She enjoys time with her family, time in her garden, and time with her horses, dogs and cats.


Dr. Robert William

Robert "Skip" Noelker

Robert William Noelker graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Doctoral degree in Clinical and Forensic Psychology. He has been in private practice for 44 years and has specialized in the treatment of children, adolescents and adults who have serious personality, characterological and behavioral problems. He has testified in multiple Court venues, including testimony in several states, as well as having testified in Federal Court. He has testified in 15 death penalty cases, including the case upon which The Killing Jar is based.

Dr. Noelker has been married for 51 years and has three grown children. His oldest daughter is a Nurse Midwife, his youngest daughter is a Talent Manager and his son, a former Navy pilot, is a practicing attorney. He has eight grandchildren who he enjoys immensely.