Flaws of Oblivion

by James Wilson
Devon Pearse
Cary Polkovitz
Plamen Chetelyazov
Virginia Goebel

"We are haunted by what we want to forget, whilst what we want to remember fades slowly and incompletely away."

Flaws of Oblivion is a collection of poetry, prose and photography that approaches-sometimes willfully, sometimes unwittingly-the illusory and problematic qualities of memory, and the vast spectra of emotions that accompany our awareness of the unstemmable coursing of time.

The volume showcases the talents of five emerging writers from around the world-Plamen Chetelyazov (Paranoia and Imago), Virginia Goebel, Devon Pearse (A Lighter Shade of Gray and The Untrodden Ways), Cary Polkovitz (Often Overlooked and Meaning But Without the Words) and James Wilson (Three Bridges and All the Colours Fade) - whose work is wrought varyingly with sensitivity, acuity, acerbity, and a touch of mystery.

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